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Feb 28, 2012
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I just bought this camera and I have two questions. I have a 45 mm lens, so if I get it corectly, the shutter speed should always be set higher then the lens? For example, when I use my 45 mm lens, the shutter speed should be 60 or if I use an 18 mm lens, the shutter speed should be 30? And the second question, the needle indicator is always up, sometimes it reaches the second "arrow" when I look through the viewfinder (when I use B.C. is shows it's ok), and I should always mach the needle indicator with the circle before I take the picture?

Thank you very much :)
Man, it's been a while since I used a SR-T 101. (Me and Annie Leibovitz) The SR-T 101 was Minolta's first TTL metering camera. The SR-T 101 launched in 1966 and was made for about 10 years.

On the metering, check the battery. The metering circuit was designed for the now obsolete 1.35-volt 625 mercury battery, but it may be directly replaced by the easily obtainable zinc-air hearing aid 1.4-volt 675 battery of equal size and style,

There is a rule-of-thumb for hand holding a SLR or DSLR camera that suggests that using a shutter speed of 1/the lens focal length makes it harder to record camera shake when the shutter is released.

Camera shake is camera movement inducced by the photographer. Good camera handeling technique is part of that equation. In other words, if your camera handeling technique sucks, you may need to use an additional stop of shutter speed to prevent camera shake from blurring your shot. Conversely, if your camera handeling technique is exceptional you can likely use less than 1/the lens focal length.

For example: Da Grip « Joe McNally’s Blog
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