Help me in choosing a propoer camera, please. FZ30?

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    I'm looking for a camera and thinking about few : FZ30, s9500 and EOS 350. As for now I'm closer to FZ30 than Fuji ( I was also thinking about pro815, but I have stopped[​IMG]). What about FZ30 and EOS350D here is more difficult choice. Of course price- EOS with nice glasses cost much more (especially with stabilisation). Sometimes I need also to make some movie. But at the other side I'm making many shots on weddings. In churches light conditions are rather not very good and here EOD would be probably better -what all of you think? Have anyone been making shots on weddings using these cameras? What's your opinions? Formats of photos I'm printing are not bigger than 20x30cm and the most of them are rather smaller (15x21cm).
    And if I didn't need such a big zoom range...maybe better would be Sony R1?

    What about external flash for FZ30? Maybe FZ30 with good flash would solve problems with low light condition, like these in churches? What flash would all of you advice me? Which one are you using? I'm asking because till now I was using Canon S1 that haven't got a possibility to use external flash. This camera was OK at the begginnig of my adventure with fotography, but now is not enough for me. I have read about few older extarnal flashes - vivitar and sunpack and also Panasonic DMW-FL28. What would you advice me?

    I would really appreciate any of your adwices as you are probably more experienced photographers.

    Thank you in advance



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