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Aug 15, 2011
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I have the chance to pick up a Nikon 70-200 VR1 for 1000.00 cash.

It was made in 2006 and was pro owned, it appears clean, no brassing, just normal wear and tear.....1000.00 is a good deal for this but I own the 70-300 VRII already.....

How long would this lens last under heavy use but the last owner.....if I get it has it already seen its best days???

"Heavy use" is hard to define.

250,000 frames in a studio? Or 50,000 frames in the field, replete with searing heat, arctic cold, dust, blowing sand, multiple 4x4 jaunts off-road, airport baggage-handling neanderthals...........
That lens should last just short of forever. I've had my 70-200 VRI for close to five years, and it was bought second hand; it's been dropped, banged, etc, and still works flawlessly. If you can get that for $1K, I would GRAB IT NOW!
Daily use at sports events since 2006, he is a pro and makes a living with this artic

Unknown frame count

Im still a newbie and 1000.00 is a crap load of 10 cent lemonade
Gonna go look at iin the morning......

Besides the obvious gain of the f/2.8 can you guys give me real use input will the picture sharpness compare to my 70-300 VRII....I have seen alot of write ups and its 50-50 some says there equal....some say no comparison. So I ask those of you here to speak up with your personal comparisons.

Are you satisfied with your 70-300 if not where is it lacking?

What is your expectation as to what the 70-200 will give you that you need but are not getting from the 70-300?

When comparing used prices be sure you are looking at the VRI not the current version the VRII.
Unless abused, I'd expect a pro nikon lens to last for 15 years or longer. The autofocus motor is the only part that may fail, otherwise it would last indefinitely.
If you have been looking for that lens and you don't get it now for $1000, then you will hate yourself later when you're paying $500+ more for it. That price is a steal!
My expectations are noticeable sharper images....that you can see with your eyes.

Would like to have the larger ap as well.....

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