1. B

    Trying to understand Point and Shoot Film camera Modes

    Hi! I recently purchased a Pentax Espio 738 point and shoot film camera and I’m having trouble trying to gage what ‘mode’ to use. It has multiple different modes (flash, bulb, daylight etc.) however I am never quite sure which one to use. Is it better to use the default mode (no icon displayed...
  2. J

    How was this lit?

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone has some insight on how this was lit. This is a still from a video series by Sef McCullough. I'm thinking a blue gelled light from camera left, a hair light from behind/above, and the key. But it looks like there are two catchlights, very close together. Would...
  3. B

    Can someone help me with lightening and or camera settings

    i have a sony a5100 camera. i take makeup pictures for my instagram. i have a i think a 15in ring light. when i do makeup looks the brown colors never show up in my pictures, and neither does pigments/glitter. i don't know what else to do. i thought about buying a new camera, or getting some...
  4. P

    Why do my videos not look as good as professional examples I've seen? Screenshots attached

    i got this screenshot clip from aa yt video and i want to replicate it. im thinking it has to do with post production. in any case most video are clean and crisp/sharp and i am unable to get that in my own videos on a dslr even with all the lighting set up. what am i missing?
  5. T

    Photographing cocktails and glassware

    Hi. I am not new to photography but mostly do outdoor work and have just recently begun doing photos of cocktails, which I want to be vibrant and show off the colors. My setup is relatively simple and IDEALLY I'd like to have tips that do not require vast amounts of additional expensive...
  6. erkindemir

    Which modifier for this specific light shape?

    Hello there. Lately, I am seeing this type of lighting often. Any idea how to achieve this effect.?
  7. P

    What are some advice on lighting to get the best product photography?

    what if i only have one light source (aperture 120d). will that be sufficient? I am in a cramped space and I am considering buying this MyStudio MS32CYC Seamless Tabletop Background Sweep Cyclorama instead of the stands with white background paper to conserve space I am mostly shooting...
  8. M

    Flash System Recommendation (Not too many bells and whistles)

    Hi I'm new here. I tried to google a bit, but google doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm looking for flash system that I can use on multiple camera brands. I've noticed in my research lots are limited to certain brand. I want the system to be Useable on location/Accu/Battery Accessory friendly...
  9. J

    DIY Macro Flash Diffuser Video Tutorial

    Hey Everyone, I use two different flash diffusers which I want to share with you. The way they can be created is very simple and the results are really awesome. One can be used actually always, especially when you have to get very close, the other one produces light coming from all directions...

    Which pairs with photography better?

    I don't mean to start the Android/Apple debate, but I am currently in the market for a new phone and would like to take into account the device I use everyday. Do either provide more of a photography tool than the other? Whether it be access to certain apps, having better tools within, or...
  11. D

    Super quick & easy lighting set up

    Hello everyone! I’m a photographer who mostly focus on Concept Art, Fashion & Portraits. The studio is where I feel at home, I’ve decided to put my 6 years of studying and the knowledge that I’ve gained to put on YouTube. Here is a quick lighting set up ( for portraits ) that I did for a company.
  12. CDAPhoto

    Need to figure flash outputs for Speedlight to Strobe Light ratio.

    Im not sure if the title of this post described what it is I’m trying to do, if it doesn’t I apologize. I currently use a Godox AD600BM as my key light and a cheap Speedlight as a fill or hair light attached to an S-Type Bowen’s Mount so that I can use it with my strip softbox with grid. How...
  13. R

    Mario Testino lighting

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Glad to have found the forum. I was wondering if you could help me figure out the technical part behind this shoot:
  14. C

    Lighting help

    Hi, I am getting into newborn work and I got into a little snafu. I typically feather my light (strobe in a 50x50 westcott softbox) so that it's at a 90 degree angle to the baby. However, I just built a little bed prop and the headboard blocks the light feathering down the top half of the baby's...
  15. S

    Ring light recommendations

    Hi! I’m in the market to buy a ring light but I don’t know much about them. All I know is that the internet is flooded with very cheap ones to try and attract wannabe vloggers. I’m very into fashion photography and portraits. What am I looking for when buying one? How does the diameter size...
  16. Fujidave

    Ye Olde Lighting

    One of the many old street lights here in Brighton & Hove along the seafront.
  17. R

    Lighting for outdoor wedding

    I've been doing photography for awhile, but I haven't done a whole lot of studio flash work. I've done a couple of shoots with some ABees using backdrop, fairly simple. I will be shooting a Wedding on the beach in Punta Cana for a friend. I would like to get some advice on possible lighting...
  18. P

    Speedlite Gobo Holders

    Does anyone here have any experience using the Lastolite Strobo Gobo? From some quick searching it appears to be the only Gobo holder for speedlites that I can find, and I really like the idea of all the possibilities something like that could open up. Seems awfully expensive for what it is...
  19. redbourn

    Felt overwhelmed by camera LR PS and lighting

    Haven't posted for a few months because I felt overwhelmed with trying to learn so many things at the same time. In the meantime I did some lighting tutorials, learned more about how to use my D3300 and also did PS and LR tutorials and tried to take on board all the tips that I got here...
  20. k.udhay

    How do I get this brightness in the face of my subject?

    I have attempted to ask this question earlier in a very vague as I myself was unclear. Perhaps, I am able to define my ambiguity well enough. Pl. look at this insta. image by some photographer: Photraits on Instagram: “Cuteness quotient for the day Hire your favorite Wedding Photographer at...