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Jan 3, 2008
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My first picture post. First time using my camera. Still learning, however.
Wanted to post more but I need to resize them. Anyway...

C&C always welcome....just take it easy. :blushing:

If you have Photoshop try the shadow/highlight tool to adjust the exposure. Some noise reduction would help too, that is if you are into post processing.

A little underexposed, but not bad for a first picture post!
Thank you!

As for pp, I need to work on that. Don't have much experience with photoshop even though I do have it. Guess I'll get to practicing! And to tell you the truth, I wasn't into to the idea of pp but now I see that it might just be a good idea.
Also if you change your settings to allow people to edit your pictures, you will get an idea how important pp is!
^^^ Changed!
Well HoneyBee, you have taken an extremely difficult picture because of the contrast between the birds and the background.
If you have PS elements/photoshop, then this image was made by duplicating the layer and changing the blend mode to Screen - which lightens everything (including the background) - but at least the birds become more visible.
There are other techniques, but they are more complex.

All the best
Wow! Looks alot better. Thank you.

I was messing around with this pix earlier today on ps while watching a tutorial on how to fix the noise. I tried my best but couldn't get it to come out right.

I forgot to say that this pix was taken thru a window, too. Don't know if that makes any difference, though.
To fix noise, there is an excellent program NeatImage - well worth trying/buying.
I've detailed this and more onb my web site if it will help you
Thank you soooo very much for your help. much appreciated!

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