Here's Your Kitchen Knife


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Jul 11, 2004
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Took this shot sometime ago, i wasn't so sure if i'm going to post back then. But since i haven't posting here for so long & i have plenty of time to edit it, now its the best time to post it..
Ok now here's your kitchen knife. :)


Thank You for dropping by..
I like this shot. It does have a strange feel to it, but to me that's not a bad thing.

You have some great work on your site. I like your style
the knife is weird
Is that one of them prop?

I like the photo but that line through the knife is extremely distracting.
You can tell from they way she is holding it something is up. Very cool.
Emo...where you been man. Great to see a post from ya. I like the low angle and the way the knife is being handed to...the mystery person.
Nice to see an old face back here. :thumbup:
thanks ShaCow, TCimages, spiffybeth, jedithebomber, petey, ScottS & Chiller.. been busy w/ work but now i can find time to get here more often. :)

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