Hertz spams his way to 20,000.

Hertz van Rental

We're supposed to post photos?
Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
Come on TPFers.
We haven't got a playpen or sandpit so we should have a quiet corner somewhere in here for the little kids to play where they are out of the way.
You've locked the other thread so I've opened this one for them.

Oh dear, this may be too much for poor ScottS ... he will be all unable to resist the temptation now. Hertz-Hertz-Hertz, what are you doing???
Oh, and by the way, I think that George A. Hormel & Company frowns on the use of their well-selling, award-winning, and palate-pleasing SPAM in such a negative manner. They've got lawyers, man. Good ones. :lol:
Ugh. I am sure the substitute tastes even worse! I doubt I could be tempted to even try the original ... I have seen in it a shop on the IOW once (and only that once in all my life, thank God!) and did NOT think it could possibly be nice.
Better and better.
And when you get tired of eating it it's very good for sealing gaps around windows and filling holes in car bodywork.

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