Hi everyone from Birmingham England


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Feb 21, 2012
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Well were to start :)
First off my name is mathew (matty) and I'm 46 years young.
I live in Birmingham England.
Iv been interested in photography for a long time but never took it any further until now.
I just got my first DSLR :) a canon 550D with just a kit lens but I'm looking at getting a new
Lens as soon as funds are available. I'm well into camping and the great outdoors so I'm hoping to take the canon on loads of trips this summer.
As I said iv just got my camera and I'm still messing about with it at the moment but I do hope to be able to pick all of your brains one way or another with stupid questions and the like :). Iv got hold of a few good books and I'm just starting to realise how much info you need to take a good photo wow it's all so complicated lol. Any way that's me and I hope to speak to some if not most of you all soon.
By the was the info on this site is magic and helping find my feet :)

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