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Aug 21, 2013
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Hi everyone.

just joined the forum,
Got my first DSLR about six years ago, a Canon 400D and been dabbling in picture taking since.
Got some good advise on how take better pics from reading posts on this forum and others, have taken the camera off automatic mode now and trying other modes.
Still a bit foxed (hence the name) by some of the things the camera can do, but have been trying out different things bit by bit.
Hope to post some pics in some sections and hopefully get a better understanding of how to improve.

thank's again
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Welcome to TPF!

Info for those new to photography:

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Photographic Lighting stuff:

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Hello and welcome to the forum, foxed1972.

I took a look at your flickr stream and there are some very nice photos there, especially the motorsport stuff. The red Triumph with the driver leaning into the curve caught my eye.

Looking forward to seeing some more from you here.
Welcome to TPF! Sounds like you have learned a lot already. :) I'm glad you discovered our Galleries - hope to see you posting your work!
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site.
Welcome, pull up a chair and stay a while.

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