Hi there I'm Jason :) and wow I'm looking forward to learning on the PhotoForum :)


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Nov 13, 2015
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Hi Guys,
I am a beginner Photographer and am wondering if someone could simply identify or perhaps link (amazon etc) of what type type of Material these blog photos are taken on.
Vai Kai : Photo
Vai Kai : Photo
Vai Kai : Photo
It has little holes in it, and I think it is nice. I would appreciate anyone letting me know what material it is.

I am very grateful and look forward to learning from all of you here :)

p.s. I am a new member, my name is Jason, I live in Orange County, California and came to this site via searching "Photography forum" in google. Thank you again everyone. I hope this message reaches the right eyes.

Dycem. It is sold at Recreational Vehicle stores, as non-skid, slightly padded drawer and cupboard lining material. It is rubbery, and is also useful as an aid to grip, for tasks like opening pickle jars for the first time, etc.. It is also sold at occupational therapy and medical supply stores.

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