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Apr 12, 2010
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My previous camera ( Sony a350 ) got stolen.

I am in a market for a new camera . I am not a professional photograph and the main reason for purchasing a good camera is my remodeling business.

I want to be able to take beautiful pictures of my projects ( kitchen and bathrooms ) Most of the time the spaces where I am working are very small ( e.g: 6x5' bathrooms ) and without the proper lens is impossible to get the best view and angle . I want to show in my pictures as much information as possible.

I am in the market for a new camera...

Can you help me selecting the best one for my scope ?

Thanks a lot !!
Update : Shooting movies with the cameras wild be great also . I am thinking to do short movies with project description sort of before/during project/ after
Any of the new entry-level DSLRs will do you; you're going to need fill light, so high ISO performance isn't critical; Nikon D5000 & kit lens & 10.5mm fish-eye.
I dont know anything about lens ,,

nope the 50d does not. if your leaning in the direction of a good entry level camera that does video I would take a look at the Canon T2i($800-900) or the T1i($600-700). You need a wide angle for interior rooms, so at the least I would make sure you get the kit lens 18-55mm IS. Need really wide, 10-22mm. I think you will be fine with the kit lens though. I am a Canon guy so I can't touch on the Nikon or any others, but I am sure some others will chime in.
I want the widest lens possible.
I think I will go with the T2i... can somebody give me a link to some good compatible lens ?

What is your budget?

Honestly, a 10-22 or 17-55 from Canon, tripod and a Canon T2I should be fine
Kit lens is pretty wide. It will make the space bigger than what really is. Are you sure you need wider?
I need as wide as possible. I am doing remodeling projects and need pictures before and after. Sometime my projects are 6x5 bathrooms or small kitchen . It is important to show entire room in pictures for a better before and after portfolio.

I want to stay bellow 1,500.

dont forget that when you go ultra wide, it distorts porpotions and makes this all warpy and curvy. Might not be ideal as you want to show the reality of the room...
The best thing to do is get your hands on a lens and try it. Go to your camera store and look through them. I think you'll find that the 10-22 works very well for you (some of the third party manufacturers also make very good ultra-wide lenses for less money such as the Sigma 10-20mm or the Tokina 11-16).

These tools might help:

Focal length comparison tool, Tamron USA

NIKKOR Lenses Simulator | Nikon
Those links are very helpful . Wide is mandatory .. I have at least 20 remodeling projects where my 18mm pictures look like crap... because no matter angle I tried to shoot was impossible to get the entire picture. with a wide angle lens I have at least the option to go 10mm or 20mm and chose then the best picture..

So.. I am set now on this :
EOS 550D Rebel T2i 18.0 Megapixel, SLR Digital Camera (Body Only) at Central Digital
and I still debating for lens
this one being on top of the list ( but alos the most expensive )
Zoom Super Wide Angle EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Autofocus Lens for Select Digital SLR Cameras at Central Digital

what you guys think. ?
I think it's a good choice, but don't overlook the Sigma or Tokina. Both are excellent lenses and can save you quite a bit of scratch if you don't have a huge budget.

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