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Dec 17, 2007
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I just wanted to introduce myself before I become too active on the boards.

I was born and raised in Sterling Heights MI but moved to Las Vegas a few years ago while in the military. I am no longer serving but my husband is.

My interest in photography began as a kid but I dind't pick up a manual camera until 10th grade and I was hooked. I now shoot with a canon 20d and I have a handful of lenses. I am creating my website at this time but I havea studio in a spare room of my house and concentrate on portraits for the most part.

I am going to school and just 6 classes away from graduation. This coming semester I will be taking lighting, composition, and portaiture along with two science classes. I already have an assoc in electronics technology thanks to the military.

So thats just a little about me, I can't wait to get posting.

Good to meet you all.

PS. My name is not Sue its Sarah.

My apologies, I completely missed this forum. THanks for moving it for me.
Hope you don't mind Sarah, but I've moved this over to the Welcomes & Introductions forum. Look forward to seeing you around the site.
Hi Sue, welcome aboard.
High Sarah, I'm new too but not classy enough to actually introduce myself. :lol:

If I were in Lost Wages I think I would be drawn to Southern Utah for photo outings. In either case we look forward to seeing your work.

I guess we can tell who is actually reading the post and who is just cranking up their post count :lol:
Hi Sarah! I'm also new here, seems like a very welcoming place.

Claud G
Welcome aboard Sarah. Hope you find this forum enlightening and entertaining. Cathy and I want to thank both you and your husband for your service to our country. Hope to see you here often.

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