Hi .. I can be considered as a newbie

Hi and welcome to TPF - if you'd like comments on your work, you'll get much better results posting 1-4 images in the appropriate gallery lower down on the page.
Nice one. The background structure is probably too bold for a dragonfly. But I love the texture and pattern. You could plant something bright there instead of the dragonfly, some bright red flower or something. It could work better.
but I feel that I am better than a person who has just started photography..
here are some of my works

let me know what you think :
Here is mine


To help reinforce the point Tirediron is making, there's enough malware on the Internet to make many users timid when it comes to clicking on links. So while I am quite careful about what links I might click, I am ESPECIALLY suspicious when a new user joins the forum and starts out by using links.

Many of us will simply not click a link from a new user.

You don't have to upload your images here, it's possible to embed images in your posts even though the images is on another site.

See: http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/...forum-functions-pictoral-guide-using-tpf.html

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