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Hi I'm new here


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Jan 19, 2022
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I'm kinda been in photography for a while... when I was in college I took a few classes back in the 1980s (yes only film cameras at that time) I did get to play in the dark room back then. When digital came out I let my photography craving subside... it was just too expensive to keep up with the big boys. Well jump forwards to 2015 I pick up a used Nikon D700 for a decient price and it brought back my photography desires. Since then I've also pick up a D100 just for fun, I found this forum while searching to see if others were still using that old camera. Though I love my D700, I find the D100 a challenging camera to use through all of it's shortcommings.... anyways glad to meet you.

Darren Jew
Welcome to our happy band Darren :)
Nice to have you here!
Welcome and enjoy the forum. You’ll find many of us started in film and still use our film cameras, but like you, have moved to dslrs and Now milcs. I look forward to seeing some of your images.
Welcome aboard,
Look out for many interesting stuff in this forum.

You are welcome.

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