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Jan 22, 2008
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hello everyone, i just registered to this forum. there is nice work in here and i would like to share my portfolio too.


thanks for your time and im awaiting your comments :D
Welcome, FL. If I were you, I'd select a few images from your portfolio and post them in this forum. You're more likely to get comments on them that way.

Enjoy TPF. We're good people.
Bravo! Fantastic work!! Truly inspiring :thumbup: You have a great eye.....keep up the good work.
welcome to the forum, I took a look and you have some very impressive images but if you like to have them critique, you should post them individually or only a few at a time and have the picture show up on the message board directly. Just an advice.
ye, i was thinking of that, but was to tired creating my portfolio so couldnt upload some images. Ill try to share some. thanks for your time and hope you good guys as nealjpage said :p!

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