Hi New guy. 20 year + pro Any other Fuji SLR shooters out there?


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Dec 16, 2007
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I have worked with the Fuji's since the S1. I've about given up on the S5
I'm going back to the S2's as long as I can find decent ones.
I've had the mods done to my beloved Metz 54 units. I am in touch with Metz to see if they maybe did my upgrades wrong. But none of my units (3) will set off my non studio lights I use in conjunction with my TTL
During single unit TTL portraiture the exposure is incredibly unreliable. Too hot too cold just right. I guess it must be set to photograph the three bears.
Has anyone used this combination? What were your results?
Has anyone used mixed studio lighting with any Nikon units?
I'll check back. Nice site. Lots of rooms to wander around in. lol
Guess I am on an island. Merry Christmas all
merry Christmas :)

be patient, sometimes it just takes time for people to reply... if not, bump your thread ;)
(like you did today)

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