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Jan 27, 2012
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Hello Everyone,

I joined just a few minutes ago and am learning to navigate my way around. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.
I started in photography in 1998 with a professional owner who retired in 2002 and I took over the business, but the in 2008 the harsh economy put me out of business. I have been freelancing since. I've photographed countless weddings, brides, etc. Just moved to new city and have to rebuild clientele. Although, I'm enjoying the downtime.

Looking to "spice" up my photography a bit, more cutting edge type. My training is in traditional, classic portraiture and it's difficult for me to break those boundaries and "shoot" outside the box. It's alost like having to re-learn.
Hey :) I could imagine it can be hard to think outside the box when you have a professional or commercial background, can you post some of your photos?
Sure, I'll be glad to post some, probably tomorrow. I once had a photography major college intern in his Jr year working for me and had not been taught lighting or posing. The two main ingredients when working with people. I taught him the classics and he taught me new photoshop techniques. He professor taught to shoot anyway you wanted and fix it in photoshop. Really?? A well know college at that. When he went back he showed them what he learned and the professor asked how did you learn that. I guess I'm just old school. It was really hard also for me to make the switch from film, but had to just to cut the expense of film and processing and wasted prints. I'll try to get some shots up Sunday afternoon sometime.
It can get claustrophobic inside that box, welcome aboard.
LOL! It sure can.You can become easily burnout. Here's the link to my gallery here on TPF. I put in a variety of portrait work, I have the most experience in brides and weddings. I'll post some wedding pics later. More work than I thought with everything having to be resized.
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