Hi there! New to this forum! :) A Hi from Japan!


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Nov 1, 2021
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Hi there! I haven't been on a forum for about 15 years I think, so it feels very interesting to be back on one! My friend told me about this forum, so I was curious to check it out and say Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and been having a good time shooting these days :)
I'm Reylia, and I'm from Japan and currently here. If anyone is keen to talk about photographing things here in Japan, would love to talk about it! :)
Welcome to the forum- I would love to visit Japan the scenery and the wildlife appeal to me greatly

Look forward to seeing your images in due course

Les :)
Welcome to TPF! :) We're glad you decided to join us. Please check out our Photo Galleries, and share some of your work with us!

Enjoy the forum!
Welcome! Took a look at your site, fantastic work!
Thank you so much guys! Looking forward to getting to know more people from the group!! :)

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