High School Field Hockey from the bleachers.


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Jul 25, 2008
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Hi all. I will have a series of High School Field Hockey photos up in a bit. I still have to sort through them. I just wanted to have my spot held, per se. I shot the whole event with a Nikon D300s and Nikon 80-200mm F/2.8 AF-D. It was overcast (on the vurge of Tropical Storm Nicole in about 6 hours from the time of the game). Anywho, here is something to hold you over:


DAMN YOU....... now i have to replace my keyboard. Mt Dew and this pic do not mix.
Here are two more.


This was a series of photos of one of the girls' fits after her team lost the ball.


She must be a good player because she hs big eyes to see the ball with
Does she have a sister or 5-6 ?........I've heard of identical twins, but.....
not sure what is going on in the very first image besides some photoshop fun with the liquify tool but ok.

second shot - be very careful shooting a girl bending over. unless you know this person i would not have shot this. im speaking from a teachers point of view. i know a coach that coached girls volley ball and he wouldnt even stand in the gym when the girls stretched. last year another coach was filming a tennis match and a parent called the cop on the coach who was scouting a player.

third shot is poor composition. there is something in the bottom left and the person that is partially in the right.

just my opinion but who am i to say
First shot: This was only supposed to be some PS fun. I said that in the original post.

Second shot: I know her. She is one of my dear friends and got a kick out of the photo and her 'looking like a ninja'. I asked permission.

Third shot: There isnt any real composition. Its a composite of shots..all with different compositions. The person on the right is the coach. I mainly put that in there to cover my lack of photos in this thread. I have went through them and still ended up with way too many to post on here. One more round through and Ill post the actual photos.


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