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High Voltage


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Dec 1, 2011
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Some Where In the Desert
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This is a new constructed bridge and tunnel they made this past year. I usually do not go this direction when going downtown but I took an alternate root and came across this spot. When I glanced to the side and saw the high voltage signs I thought WOW......So I stopped parked and walked over for a few pictures.

The cables in the top are for an electric trolly that is now back in service.

bridgefrontviewcropped2 by VIPGraphX, on Flickr

This is the same bridge looking into it. I like these views and thought all the detail would be great for HDR.

walkwaythroughbridgecropped by VIPGraphX, on Flickr
Thanks, I love looking through bridges, my son said it looks like the other side is a different dimension(world) interesting what kids say.

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