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Nov 12, 2007
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Western NY
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Hello everyone. :salute: Following tradition I'll make my first post here in the welcome section. I've been lurking a day or two and decided to take the plunge.

My name is Joshua and I live in Western NY state. I'm an amateur 35mm film photographer who loves Olympus' OM line. I first got my start at 10 years old when my parents gave me an OM-G for Christmas. It was really great starting on a fully manual camera because it forced me to understand photography very thoroughly. (I guess an OM-G isn't technically a full-manual with aperture-priority auto mode, but you know what I mean.) Over the years I've taken my share of photos, but it's only recently that I've begun to get serious about photography. This past summer my family and I went to Colorado for my cousin's wedding, and while we were there we took the drive up Pike's Peak. I took roughly seven rolls worth of pictures during the trip and enjoyed every second of it. That really gave me the itch to get into photography more. So when we got back home, I did some research. I found out more about the OM-G I had and more about Olympus' OM camera system. After a lot of looking, I decided to buy an OM-2n along with a few more accessories, and I am very pleased. The simplicity and genius of the system really appeals to me. The OM-2n I bought had a problem with light meter, which I was able to fix, so I really got to know the internal workings of the camera. (I recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electromechanical Engineering, so I really appreciate a good piece of engineering.) Now I'm beginning to learn the "artsy" side of photography, and I'm planning on getting into B&W soon, and even possibly my own developing.

So there you go; my photographic life story. :lol: I'm looking forward to the resources and wisdom you guys (and gals :angel:) have to offer, as well as the opportunity to contribute.

Yay, another film photographer! ;) Welcome aboard.

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