Home grown model demands money for pictures.


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Jul 25, 2006
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Home grown model demand money.

I was testing flashgun softbox and asked my 7y old daughter is she could stand still for 5 min, so I can take few test shoots, she said only if I pay her $3 and not a penny less, because they are collecting money for some school charity. I could not believe but we got a deal.

I also asked her to take few shoots of me, and was showing her when.

I got 2 keepers from the session which lasted 10 minutes and cost me $6 (yes she said 5 minutes is up, are you paying for another 5 min?)

BTW; you should see her face today when I said: you own me $10 for dropping you off at school, and if you want me to pick you up that is $15 extra.

This came out when I was showing her when to shoot:

Hand with 30 fingers - Hydra | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

And that is Wiktoria

She's a brilliant child. And you need your monitor calibrated. That looks like you reduced exposure on it and it's VERY dark and underexposed
Pretty daughter. Looks a little dark though. Try upping the exposure PP.
Thanks for comments, I was going for “low key darker look”, I have seen some pictures that are totally dark but have a lot of detail, I’m not sure how you call that way of editing but I realized it is very hard to achieve that look. Something like you see it but you can’t see it.

I have calibrated MAC lcd and it looks much brighter than on my PC at work.

is this one also to dark:
It's dark, but not like the portrait. The colors aren't rendering well on the portrait-they look like it's been brought down in exposure.
I like the first image.. a bit more dramatic with darker look.. second one is a bit brighter but I can see the lighting tool on her eyes.. a bit to much.. make it a bit more natural.. over all great photo. Beautiful Model
Adorable! I appreciate both images, but the second one really brings out her amazing eyes. I think the second one is more successful for that reason alone.
I also think it's a little dark (but I'm on my work monitor and it sucks).

My youngest will work for candy :)

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