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Nov 16, 2009
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I'm setting up a small home studio and have a question about lighting the background (9 ft.). Right now the room has a ceiling fan/light in the middle of the ceiling. I want to replace that with something that I could use to light my background. Is this possible? Any suggestions??

Tricky, it all depends on how much weight it can handle. I would personally go for a hair light in the ceiling and get a small lightweight strobe you can move around for the background light. Don't be afriad to use speedlights as accent lights. I've found they work really well for tight places. Get you a good monolight for a main light source.
It is usually fairly important that you don't mix your lighting types. So if you are using strobes (flash) as your primary light sources, then you don't want to use tungsten/halogen lights for your background etc....you will want to use another strobe/flash type light.

If you do want to have one or more lights that are semi-permanently mounted on the ceiling, I'd suggest putting in some sort of universal mount (maybe just a bar etc.) so that you can mount different lights up there. Maybe wire in a power outlet.

As mentioned, you may find that sometimes you want to put a hair light up there, rather than a background light.
If the ceiling fan is in the middle of the room and you replace it with a light, it won't just hit the background, it would hit your subjects too. I think you would be better served with a wall mounted light one on each side and near to the backdrop on a swivel arm of some sort so that they can be adjusted.

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