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Jun 27, 2003
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these are a few shots i took wandering the streets of New York ... unfortunatly its prevalent ... the first two shots kinda made me sad once i got home and looked at them ... i chatted with the guy for a while and he seemed really nice... *plus i dropped $10 in his cup for allowing my presence* .... critiques?? ... comments?? ... likes?? ... dislikes?? ... lead me in the right direction :D




this man was sleeping on a park bench and didnt see me :p


my husband in action shooting an object in our make-shift studio

the funny thing is, that guy was sleeping on the park bench on a saturday afternoon... me and my hubby looked at each other, he started shooting him from a distance ... i said, "no, i wanna get up close and personal" .. he looked at me and said, "go ahead, but if he starts freaking out, run!!!" ... lol

but for me that was the only way to get that shot, i took the risk, creeped up on him .. stood there and got a few shots... i love that kind of shooting, but it sure is risky :lol:
I always liked street photography and liked to look at the images, but it's a little tougher and can be dangerous with more hassle since 9/11. These are very good shots.
I love the B/W shots they are so much more atmospheric. Your husband looks like he's just been shot :D seriously though, you have done really well and captured some magnificent moments. $10 huh? that's about £7 where i come from. Good deal.

edit: oops looking at the wrong pic. your husband is the one with the camera, right. [thinks... I better shut this thing down and go for a beer instead before I make another cockup]

Very good work :wink:
Those are fantastic. Let me say it again...FAN Freakin Tastic! Great editorial story. I love how the one homeless dude is holding a STARBUCKs cup.
the first guy, i was on my way to the camera store, he was sitting just outside, i asked him if he mind that i take a few shots, he said, "nah, i dont mind" ... he was very nice ... i told him just keep doing what ur doing ... i took about 10 shots of him .. i have one shot of him with just his eyes (in macro mode) ... he looked so sad :cry: ... but he also said, "well, if i end up on the cover of the New York Post, let me know" ... lol ..
those are very nice pictures. Pictures of REAL life are so worderful, and when takin with such care... :cry: :) I will be moving there in a few months, I think there will be a whole new landscape of things and people to shot rather than the burs'
I really, really love your pictures - especially the one with the fella cletching his teeth - amazing! i work in the city of london and there are a few tramps, i guess you could say living opposite where i work and i have often thought of taking pictures of them but it always to me seems wrong - not too sure why though!

fantastic pictures - well done :D

First of all You have the courage to take such a pic's and it's really important too.
Those people have their own sad story and come from all classes from cleaning streets to high educated.
As the world is getting harder and harder more and more people have to live on streets.The number of homeless people in Holland increased too. Very sad .
Your pictures are very impressive but be carefull !


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