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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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I splurged and spent a total of $45 for a "cheap" light setup and here is a digital proof. When I shoot with film it will obviously be much sharper. Should have a roll developed soon.

Just some dishes.


this is the setup
That is a microphone stand holding the light. Light was a total of $17 with the daylight 500watt bulb. Reflector umbrella (white) $19.95. The desk lamp I got for free from someone. 80A used to cool the light from that halogen desklight. With the 35mm I also shot with a white poster board which reflects more light. I will post others to this thread when I get the roll developed.

Cool idea. You might want to move the table a bit away from the wall to give yourself a bit more space before the background bends. Might help get rid of that white flair. Unless that's what you wanted, in which case I'll shut up. :wink:

Looks like a piece of poster board to me manda.
Woah! This is what I hate about my monitor at home. I think something is black and then I get to work and boy does that look f'd up at the bottom.
Good set up. Keep in mind that a foamcore bounce will work wonders. Judging from the photo provided. The subject may be too close to the back of the seamless. I have found that with black background's it is more effective to provide a "streak" of light focused on the subject only. A opposed to lighting the whole frame.
i was just thinking, didnt i see this photo before :scratch: ... thought u just re-posted it :lol:

but i guess the set-up shot is a good idea ... that is if you're shooting as an instructor ... its a good way to learn, for me though .. sometimes seeing the set-up and how it's done kills the moment and the way i perceive the end result of the photo (but thats just me :eek: ) ... still a good idea nontheless :wink:

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