Hurrell style hollywood glamour

Nice shots Shane. Like the b&w better, but that may be bias to what you're trying to emulate. :wink:

I'd like to see some that weren't framed quite so tightly.

I'd like to see some that weren't framed quite so tightly.

Yep. She's 5 months pregnant so she made me promise I wouldn't get her belly. :shock:
Uh, when i first clicked on your link, i thought the tribute was BY your hero, not by you. wasn't until i did a double-take that i realized they are yours. (true story- maybe i had one too many glasses of wine, maybe you're just super-talented, maybe she's just gorgeous beyond words, maybe a combination, i dunno ) my god, those were incredible. i am going to do that search you suggested...
i'll get back to you, but if you are emulating him, i know already im gonna dig it...
ok, i checked out his website. i am now a convert. this is exactly what i want to be able to do. thanks for the introduction! any suggestions for further research on his technique?
There's a couple of really great books on his style. Some even break down what they thought the lighting situation was. Hurrell was also a master touch up artist and most of the famous pictures were touched up quite a bit. Surprisingly though, even as they used a lot of eye shadow and liner...they never used pancake base. amazing.

Thanks for the wife compliments. This was my first try with my digital...I didn't think digital could pull it off....but there are the results. In fact, the only manipulation I did was convert to grey scale. absolutely nothing else.

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