how about this bad boy free range edit


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Jun 16, 2010
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how about this bad boy free range edit

Not really sure what you mean, did you want feedback on the image ? Only thing i could think of is its a tad underexposed, the background is a tad distracting and if there was any way to clone out the power lines. The car is pretty sweet :thumbup:
I think he wants people to edit the picture in any way they like.
correct edit in anyway youd like
HAHAH! i love that you say somethign liek that everytime!!! help cover it up sometimes...and yeah, if I actually spent time editing this the way I saw it, it would have looked a lot better...but here I am at work just killing class was over at 3p.m. so now I'm just twiddling thumbs...hope the class had fun, taught them powerpoint and internet research skills...
taught them powerpoint and internet research skills...
Focus on the internet researching skills. Too many people don't know how to use the internet to find an answer to a question. (And no, I am not referring to forums.)
agent anytime you need something to edit you let me know ill provide you with something
Sweet! A water-painting look....suits that car rather well...

Yeah, I wanted to make sure that my class (4 students) know exactly how to research. Its not just knowing where to look but also knowing what to assimilate as knowledge and what to reserve as bullocks. And there is a lot of the latter on the "net". I also need to teach them efficient searching methods as they are training to become Administrative Assistants. I am the technology portion of that training. I also find it imperative that they know how to use powerpoint to give good presentations. There is nothing worse than a presenter reading verbatim what's on the screen. I do not like being read to.

I'm going to work on another edit for this photo...I hope you'll like it...should be done by the end of the day...
sounds good man!
i love seeing what people do!

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