How did I do this?

Well, you see, when a man loves a woman...
I asked myself that today as I watched mine spit out his applesauce.
The answer is in the Exif.
You didn't do it... it was the milk man while you were at work.
Over exposed the shot. Most likely with hot shoe flash.

You see, when a camera loves a hotshoe flash...

And if the camera is really good at stimulating the flash, the picture is over exposed. What you need to do is to tell the camera not to get the flash so hot and horny, so it doesn't burst all over the place like this. It's called flash exposure compensation, because it controls how much the flash exposes herself.
Probably using the flash with ISO set too high and/or aperture too wide, so the flash had no choice but to overexpose even at minimum power.

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