How do these work?


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Jul 25, 2008
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I was looking into cheaper ways to get into the macro scene, andI think that these look good. If anyone have any photos taken with these, please show me or just share your experiences.good or I can know whether or not to keep looking.

What looks good. . .
Either you left out the key words or there is an image lot loading for me (tried it in opera and IE7).
can anyone see the image?
they work fantastic
:lol: dumb mistake. These: [ame=] Opteka 62mm Close-Up Set (+1, +2, and +4) with 10x Macro Lens: Electronics[/ame]

Sorry about that. I was really looking into the +10 one. Any input would be appreciated and thnks for your patience. It was 2 in the morning when I sent that. haha.

I forgot to add. The 62mm is for my 70-300 lens. Im picking up a 58-62mm step up ring so Id be using that when I use the filters with my 28-80 lens. I dont know if this would make any difference, but I figured id let everyone know.

They won't work that good, you best bet is to get a lens with suedo-macro, like a reproduction of 3:1.
I know they wont give me 1:1 macro, but I need something lower than the price range of a macro lens. If these wont work well, please link me to a lens or something else that will. That'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

The diopter number is essentialy the level of magnification that you get - more the number the more the magnification. Of course more magnification means less working distance, smaller field of focus, smaller depth of field and as you go beyond 2:1 macro harder to judge when you are at focus - though then you into super macro areas anyway.

example of DCR 250 on 70mm macro lens:
sigma 70mm and Raynox DCR 250 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

example with a 1.4 TC as well as macro lens and DCR 250
IMG_0048 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Range of shots - see shot detals for specifics
Bee and other macro raynox experiments 1000 - a set on Flickr

100% crop with DCR250 and a teleconverter - as well as 70mm macro lens
IMG_0711 no nosie sharpen on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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