How far is too far?

No offence, but what do you like about it? The only thing overdone is the exposure, it's blown out entirely. You can't even see the right eyebrow
I donno, just do i guess but yoy cant really see either eyebrow she has such light colored hair and brows
How far is too far?
That's totally up to you, and your client.

Just remember, your clients main connection with an image is emotional, not technical.

Consider what happens when someone sees that photo in your clients home, and points out any technical photographic issues they have with it?
I LOVE the look of overdone picture but do clients really like this as much as I do?
I dunno. Ask them. That's kinda why they're your client, right?
I guess they see your work before they book with you (99% of the time) if they dont like it they prob wont book in the first place.
I actually really like this type image myself, but not so much with the saturated colors. I think you want to keep the key facial features in place when you lighten the skin this way; eyes, eyebrows, and lips in particular. I also think this type of photo looks best when the subject is wearing white or very light colors since it will blend well with the overdone area. (Also, in this photo in particular her right eye and maybe the whole right side of her face seems a bit out of focus, and it's taking away from the image for me)

As for natural vs. effects, both can be nice depending upon how they're done and it all comes down to personal preference. If your client likes it they'll buy it and if not they'll get a version that's not so overdone.

Anyway, just $0.02 from a noob.
Yeah its just an option I dont edit all like this. and I was at 1.8 hints the OOF right side with a moving 3 year old... lol

But I love the overdone eyes
but looking at this image from my latop now it is blown way out, my desktop is set for my printer and until now i didnt see how differant they are.
I like it, but maybe the reflection in her eyes could be toned down a little?
personally I'm okay with the "over done" images if they are done correctly. My one pet peeve, or sometimes it is, is when whites are blown out and you see absolutely nothing but a solid block of color.

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