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    This is not my picture. Just need an example.

    What steps would need to be taken to give a photo that type of look and feel (referring to the person and the ground, not the car hood)? Iv messed around with curves and saturation and still can't seem to do it. Any help?

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    I would guess that your talking about the white halo around the person. It's actualy rather easy. If you have photoshop just click on
    Image: Adjustments: shadown/highlight
    than turn shadow to 0% and turn up the highlight till you see the halo.

    Another method if you have a older version of photoshop is:
    Filter: Sharpen: Unsharp Mask
    Than you change the Amount to about %50
    The radius to 40
    and threshold to 0
    Than adjust the amount and radius as desired.

    The effect is basicly localized contrast taken to far. When I used this method before I tried to go as far as possible without seeing the halo.

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