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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by albo, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Let's say I happen to plan a trip to somewhere the other side of the country to take some land-scape type photos... The last thing I want to do is drive a few hours and find it's too foggy to take a decent photo of, for example, a town from a hill-top or something... but I do want to get there early in the morning.

    Unfortunately I live in Ireland where your typical day is too foggy to see more than a few miles... especially this time of year

    Is there any good way of predicting how foggy it's going to be the next day or when it will be a perfectly clear day... e.g. what to look out for on the weather forecast, etc.


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    You should let us know more details. Location, elevation and season are important.

    Fog takes on it's own life on this end. I guess that consistent high barometric pressure produces sunny days. Here in the high country we get inversions. It can be foggy and -8ยบ in the valley and sunny and warm above 8,000'. Then of course the fog in the valley burns off by noon. Now if it is summer time that is a whole different story.

    Approach the subject with out any pre conceived notions. Just go there and shoot. Use the weather to your advantage. Keep in mind that a cloudless sky is arguably a no no.
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    Well which country are you in?

    If it's the UK then go to and put in the name of the place and it will tell you what the weather is liek and it's reliable. It has world weather too for everywhere but I think it's more accurate in the UK it could be just as accurate anywhere though. Maybe its just less precise in other places showing only major citites. i couldn't say. check it out thoguh.

    Also its rarely foggy in the summer is it? Go then.

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