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Sep 19, 2010
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I've seen the term clone out being used around the forums. I'm assuming thats how you remove an unwanted subject from the photo. Can someone help me out and point me in the direction of how to do this. Is it even possible in this picture.

She had to walk in front of my camera while this guy was getting barreled :er:

"Cloning" is a term which describes the over-painting of part of an image by using data from another part. It requires a clone tool, such as that found in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, or The Gimp (among others). If you have a good, high-resolution original, you could remove the person and her shadow, and in this case, because of the sand/water background it wouldn't be all that difficult. A quick Google will provide you with lots of 'how to' tips and on-line tutorials.
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If I was on my desktop at home (not my laptop at work) I'd throw it into CS5 and see how the content aware fill would do with this. I bet it would do a decent job and maybe require just a bit of touch up when it was done.
I'm NOT very good in Photoshop at all, but I managed this:


Edit - I said 'I'm very good at photoshop', which is a total lie. It should have read 'I'm NOT very good at photoshop, but...'
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But her shadow says otherwise.....:lol:

Good work for your first time, though. :thumbup:
yeah someone rode their bike through there or was dragging a piece of wood :p or the shadow is from the other side? haha

But seriously, if u didn't see the before u wouldn't notice it right?
I gotta try my hand at it now, cause it's definitely possible for there to be no trace, cheers :)
Cloning can be acheived by more than using the clone stamp tool. There's ways that you can copy and paste other parts of the image to the section you want to remove to create the look of one big pattern.

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