How to copy a photo OFF a coffee mug?


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Jan 20, 2012
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We recently lost our near and dear Granda Elaine. I have a beautiful photo of her on a coffee mug that she gave as a gift. The picture wraps almost halfway around the mug. The original photo itself is nowhere to be found so we'd like to copy this one somehow. Is there a way to do this without purchasing some kind of expensive scanning equipment?
Here is my guess ...

Shot closeup starting from one side with high DoF.
Then turn 1/4 and shoot ... until complete.
Then crop each image into sections that you can stitch together.
Take a picture of it, then in Photoshop put it on a larger background and use the perspective tool to see if you can correct the distortion from the image wrapping around the cup. You might have to do a couple of pictures and then use the perspective tool to match them up.
Both fine options. Looks like a little a little experimentation will be on tomorrows agenda. Thanks!
possibly roll it on a scanner

though that may prove difficult. you'd have to roll at the same speed as the scanner light.

my first try would be multiple images stitched together as mentioned above.

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