How to create a simple photosite?


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Sep 10, 2010
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I want to develop my personal photosite. Could anybody give me an advice or a recommendation?

Now I have most of my photos at Flickr, and I like it. But I want to have something more personal, with my webdesign, a few static pages, blog, etc... I've contacted a few web-programmers and it seems this is expensive and long job. But I'm not a top-class professional to pay thousands of dollars.

On the other hand I found two service providers:
- Albolio : Home
- Pullfolio :: Instant Professional Portfolio Site from your Flickr Photos
Both are very cheap and can create a personal photosite based on my Flickr account.
Have anybody used these services? What are pros and cons?

Is there another alternative?
I use a wootheme called aperature, its my photo web/blog. Link is in signature. This theme costs money but there are other free woothemes out there. This one was given to me by a friend but I think was like 75 bucks or something.
There are a ton of options for a 'cheap & easy' website.

For example, most hosting companies (that I've seen) will have some built-in web design tool and probably a bunch of ready-made templates that you can use.

So get yourself a domain name and a hosting plan, and you will likely get some free options for a website.
I have benn thinking of going with zenfolio , I already have a domain and hosting although I am capable of doing HTML as well as some SHTML coding really think flash is the way to go and these guys have lots of options at a pretty good price
I use wordpress because the main page will be a blog and then you can add as many pages as you want. So like my blog will be the main, then contact info on another, and so on. They have a thumbnail viewer for flickr that you can add, and then that plugin that was linked above.
I use wordpress for my blog / gallery and I also use for my personal website. You can go free (with ads) or pay a minimal monthly fee to remove ads, and get plenty of other extras. I am highly experienced in web design but I wanted something I could create in just a few minutes and Wix did it for me, and it doesn't look too bad either, they have some decent "photography" templates.
Thank you very much for so many advices!!! I'm not experienced in website development, so probably something simple world work for me. I'll test wrodpress, zenfolio and wix. On the face of it wix looks very interesting...
Last days I tried different ideas and services, and after all I've stoped at . This is exactly what I was looking for. Something basic and easy to get me started. It's free to use and it loaded all my Flickr pictures. I did this quick one in a few minutes: Sergey Zamkovoy : Home
Do we really need to spend much in making photosite? a friend of mine spend money in having his own website? Is there any free site that will offer you good quality blogging?

Simple for some not so simple for others tirediron ;)

But you do have to admit one thing if you use notepad then you actually learn HMTL.

I use it sometimes especially for quick edits and updates on pre-existing code.
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To be quite honest a lot of domain registering sites will host you for free, give you free space, give you more free space when you bring others on board, have apps for blogging built right in.

I use and have had no problems with them as of yet.

Software wise I use as spoken before Notepad.exe. I also use Sitespinner and Alleycode. Sitespinner is the only one that is not free but it's only $50 or $100 (for pro) and well worth it. Alleycode is one step above notepad so you learn coding as you go but get shortcuts which help lessen the keystrokes required.

Have fun and good luck!

Edit: Actually sitespinner makes a free version you can use (scaled down version) it's called WebDwarf. Let me know if you are interested as it is kind of hard to find on their site. I don't work for them but we a re a close knit group. There forum is very helpful also I might add.
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