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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by tr0gd0o0r, Mar 30, 2005.

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    I got a Brownie Reflex synchro model yesterday from a garage my sister was cleaning out, (also found a polaroid land camera model 80B (in box) and some plastic 126 rangefinder). BUt the brownie has a ton of mold and stuff on the viewing lens, I was wondering if anyone had any idea how difficult it would be to take it apart and clean it out. I've never done any sort of camera reapair but i've been interested in it lately. I'd like to make this a virgin attempt, especially since the camera is both free and useless at the moment. anyone have any suggestions or literature I should read. Everything seems to work on the camera fine, assuming you can't change shutter speed or aperture.

    p.s.- anyone know where i can get 126 film or film for the polaroid 80B

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    I have a bunch of 126 cameras - including the first one I ever owned. They stopped doing 126 in the UK in the late 70's but someone told me you could still get it in France. There may well be 126 around. The same goes for the 80B - but Matt may be the guy to ask. Or Terri.
    Try Googling or check the Polaroid site.

    The same goes for taking the camera apart. Talk to Matt.
    Often the things were not designed to be taken apart and were glued. If you do get it apart isopropyl alcohol and lens tissue is the best thing. Some of the viewfinders had small mirrors in them - the WLF type do - and the silvering tends to peel.

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