How to make webcam live feed on your desktop?


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Jul 3, 2004
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So I will be teaching a class on drawing technique. This requires on-site demonstration, you know, me sitting drawing on a table to show students how it's done. The problem is, there will be more than 40 students, so there's no way I can get 40 students to crowd around me to see what my pen is doing.

I've thought about making videos of the demo and play them during class, but I'd much prefer live demo. Better interaction, better for learning.

So I am thinking of using a web cam to capture what I am doing on my desk and have the feed project onto a screen, so I can be talking as I am doing the demonstration.

The problem is, what software do I use? What I need is something that can show the live capture on my laptop monitor and a projector to display what's on my screen. I am using a 720p webcam, so the resolution should be fine as long as I can get it full screen.
EDIT: I misunderstood what you were trying to do -- I thought this was going to be an online thing. That will teach me to try & read on the run.

You may be able to rent (or borrow) a projector - they seem to be pretty commonplace, now.
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When you connect to a projector, you can set it to copy your screen or just expand the desktop and drag any windows onto the second display.
So all you need is to have the camera feed displayed in whatever utility/program (I don't know anything about this...but if your laptop has a camera, it probably has something built in), then drag the window to the projector's display or have it copy the computer's main display.

A better option would be a document viewer. Basically it's a webcam built into a stand on an arm, with a light etc. Some schools are using them as replacements to the old over-head projectors.
The school that my photography school rents rooms from, has them in all the rooms. Probably not worth buying one...but if this becomes a regular thing, it's probably better than a cheap webcam.
Just use your webcam's preview software. Run it on your laptop and run that to your projector.

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