How to perma-fix Sigma's cheesy 12-24mm lens cap design?


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Mar 8, 2011
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I really like my Siggy 12-24mm lens, but I abhor their poor design of the lens cap. Yeah, I get it that the lens won't accept a typical lens cap like most other lenses, but what I dislike the most is the sleeve that holds the lens cap on has almost zero friction to hold it on. The cap (ring and cap, actually) are only useful for storing the lens as opposed to walking around with the lens cap on to protect the lens' bulbuous front element.

I'm asking for ideas that may be a permanent solution to not losing this expensive lens cap system while out shooting. I've thought about plenty of short-term solutions, but I'm really after a permanent fix.
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Depends just how much play is there. Personally I'd just put some black gaffer tape on the lens hood or inside the cap to shore it up. It'll wear away eventually but its eaily replaceable. Another option would be to get some plastic shim (thin plastic material) and create an insert which you could glue in place after a dry run or two. Some experimentation may be required to get the thickness just right for a push fit.

I was always told during my apprenticedhip that it's much easier to take material off that put it back on.
I'd change the video title and write to Sigma - my 8-16mm has a similar lens hood/cap design and it works without any problems. Could be that a simple new copy should resolve your problem.
Well I meant a new hood to replace the one you currently have as I'd consider it faulty as its not fitting correctly.

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