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Well.. I made the leap..

elizpage said:
I've officially purchased a Canon 6D.


Congratulations! It's a very capable camera, especially for people work!!! Now you have all the lens focal lengths how they were designed! Lots of good lens choices in both current and legacy Canon EF mount lenses! Right now, there is a TON of great Canon glass being sold off on the used and consignment markets, as people scrape up cash to buy the new 50-million-pixel wunderkamras...
Congrats. There is a 6D in my very near future. Who did you buy from? Was looking at an open box from Adorama myself.
Congrats, you are now the proud owner of a FF camera, I remember my first time I tried an FF camera, what a difference comparing to APS-C camera.

Enjoy :)
I may be wrong, but I think it works the same way as your 60D, so no worries :)

except it's BETTER !!
Congratulations, you are lucky! I've been lucky enough to have had a play around with my friend's Canon 6d - it really is beautiful piece of equipment.


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