Howdy from Texas!


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Sep 28, 2010
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Houston, Texas
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BTW, I don't EVER say "Howdy" unless I'm making fun of people who think we all say "howdy". :lol: I do say "y'all" though, but I don't have a hick accent. I'm from Houston, born and raised, now raising my kiddos here. We don't ride horses everywhere and we don't live on a ranch or farm. haha.
I've always loved taking pics, and about a year ago got a Nikon D50 from a pawn shop just to play around with. Who knew I'd fall in love? I'm a Wedding Planner and know a TON of professional photographers who have all told me I take great pictures and really have an eye. And somthing about "you can teach someone how to use the equipment, but you can't teach someone how to take GREAT pictures". I started to believe them when people started asking me to take their family pics, birthday pics, graduation pics, wedding pics...
Anywho, I eventually want to take a class and learn all that I can about photography. I've been creeping on this forum for a while, reading the posts and learning what I can.
Nice to meet you all, can't wait to show you some of my pics!

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