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May 20, 2010
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Hey guys I wanted to post up this picture I feel it came out pretty good for the situation. I took this in my backyard standing on a table for 20 minutes waiting haha.

Taken with

Canon T1i
Canon 24-105mm
Canon 508 EXII on the hotshoe (not off camera equipment YET)

Taken at:


To me it seems soft or like almost nothing is in focus but considering the situation and "tools" available I like it. Let me hear your input

And for the un cropped and off the camera photo here it is

And here is another shot at me editing which is another weak link of mine

If you want to take a shot at editing it or give me somepointers about shoting or PP please feel free to comment
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It's not too bad on the softness. Part of your problem is shooting at f/4. Especially at that focal length. Try something like f/8. You'll probably have to bump the ISO to allow a fast enough shutter.

Nice shot, tho.
Thanks for the input. I will try doing that the next time I am out shooting. I guess I will be testing the limit for my camera on the grainy side of things and see if I bump the ISO up if I can still get little grain. If it is too grainy then I will start thinking 7d again uh oh hahaha. That wont be for a while.

Any how thanks for the input!

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