I Adopted a Cat


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Jul 18, 2007
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Unfortunately she is quite shy. This is about the most I've seen of her since the cat carrier was opened yesterday.


Any suggestions on how to get cats to open up a little?

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I'm sure she'll become comfortable when she knows you are not gonna hurt her. Nice color, calico eh? try milk ;)
Cool! Just go slow and easy with her.. you know the routine! :)
Aww cute! A lot of new cats hide the first 3-4 days. I'm sure by next week she will be all cuddles :)
I've rescued and domesticated a lot of feral an abused cats. If she's hiding for more then a week I'd block hiding places so she's forced to interact. And if you do, make sure there are shelves for her to climb on. Heights make them feel safe.Something else to try is give her a shirt or something with your scent to sniff and sleep with so she's comfortable and used to your scent.
Aw, from what I can see of her, she's a cutie!

Two things to try - 1. sit on the floor near where she's hiding, and ignore her. Don't stare at her, or try to touch her - just read a book or surf the web on your laptop. That will give her some time to get used to you.

And, 2. treats! If you can get Temptations treats, those things are kitty crack - I have only met 1 cat who wouldn't rip your arm off to get some. Put the treats near her, then turn away so she can come eat them.

Basically, give her good things (i.e. treats), but otherwise go about your regular life & generally ignore her. If you aren't in her face, she will soon be coming up to you - remember that old saying about curiousity and the cat?
Fuzzy things on a string on a stick. Like fishing. Lay it out in front of her, wiggle it, let it lay, then snatch it away. Repeat.
It works for house sitting cats who are scared of me.
Aww. Toys-- cats like homemade toys best, like a string or bottle cap. Maybe you can lure it out with some yarn. ;)
Yay for you K!!
Does the kitty have a name?
The cat obviously has fur envy...you need to get a short haircut, and shave the goatee/beard/sideburns, whatever...

...Then, and only then, once you have less fur than the cat, will the cat come out and become your friend...

...of course, one way to become fast friends with a frightened feline is to feed it some fine foods; tuna fish and half & half have been good for me in the past. I love cats, and had a similar under-the-bed-for-nearly-a-week new kitty episode...tuna and half and half soon were associated with ME...and to a cat, those things are like steak and tequila...
<3 I love the 2 tone face!
I find food tends to bribe well? The smelly t-shirt trick should work too. What a sweetie.
I would do the same thing if you rescued me man.
Time to buy a laser pointer!


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