I appreciate some critique for these Track and Field photos :)

Sorry but you have quite a few there too many images to get any real specific feed back. Giving feedback on large numbers of images takes much more time then people on an online forum are usually willing to spend.

Pick 3-5 images post them here and number them. The numbering makes it MUCH easier for people to give you specific feed back on each image.
There are a few very good images in there, but as light guru mentions, feedback is not easy with so many images.
My initial, broad brush, comment would be that you need to crop much, much tighter. The athletes are getting lots in a lot of peripheral stuff.
In athletics (well sports in general) you will have much more compelling images with photos that show faces ... and in particular the emotions of the human spirit.
The second one in the top row is a classic candidate for a tight crop on the lead runner and the guy on his right.
First photo in second row - I think you have a number of options here. You could crop out a lot of sand at the bottom and turn this shot into a panorama. Would make a great header/banner. The second would be a tight crop on the jumper - you have caught a great pose - make it your subject - get in close and catch the athlete.
Look at the difference in the last two photos on that second row. I find the one on the left MUCH more interesting and dynamic than the one on the end. Tighter crop and we see the endeavour of the athletes much more easily.
Third row - first one? Behind shots need to be something special to hold any interest. Second one - much better and again you have good timing.
The third one you have caught it too late for the back runner - try to get her straining forward. And for the front runner, you are too early. She is in a transition pose which is not very energetic. Better if she was striding forward (like photo #4)
Now photo #5: if you cropped out the runner on the right and went in tight on the left and middle runner! Nice pose, great emotion and energy and you would eliminate the unnecessary elements in the background.
Row 4: First one. This one has real potential and shows you have a good eye. Photojouralistic style. How could it have been improved? More space in front of him and a lot less behind. You have cut off his toes here. The bunting is a big distracting. Maybe if you moved to another location you might have avoided it ... or lay down on your stomach and shoot under it. This is one where I think it is OK to have a loose crop - to emphasis the solitude/isolation of that guy.
Middle: you have tried to capture everything. If that was your intention then great. If you want a banner this would be a great candidate for panorama. To my poor old eyes, the hurdles seem to leaning down on the right??
Last one on that row: this is screaming out for a tight crop on the lead runner - the intensity in his face is something else. And the expression of the second runner - this guy is busting his gut! ... but in this loose crop you don't get a good view of this.
Many of them look a little dark to me - especially the track ones. A boost here would really make them pop a lot more.
I think you have done a pretty good job. You have a good eye and you shoot from a variety of points of view. You have a nice mix of landscape and portrait.
Your images are sharp.
You have got a lot of this worked out ... just look to get closer ... then get closer again. Crop tight to the essence of the moment.
All the very best with both your photography and athletics. :)
Some look under exposed, others could use a crop. Some are nice.

Pick 3-5 favorites and post them here in the thread, then you can get some much more helpful critique.
As an overall general statement I would just say crop tighter, watch the backgrounds and keep shooting, the content is there.

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