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Aug 12, 2010
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Chicago, IL
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My camera has officially become another limb for me since I missed a good shot. I was driving with my friend and we were stuck in rush hour traffic when I look over and there is an IGUANA hanging out of a driver's window!! He's just chillin' there like some people do with their dogs while driving.:lmao:

I didn't have my camera. I was so pissed. Never gonna see THAT again. :grumpy:

What shots have you missed and still kick yourself over?
I am even paranoid about not having the right lens on the camera so I find it hard to even go out without a telephoto lens on at least one body. I have missed plenty of stuff due to not having the write lens/camera to hand it happens, sometimes you can live with yourself :)

We have a sparrowhawk that frequents our bird table, I am never with my camera when it decides to appear.
LOL!!!! That mental pic of an iguana hanging out of the car window made me laugh big time. Sorry you missed it though:(
A couple months ago I was going to hang with some friends. Because of the size of my car, I'm forced to choose between another person in the car or my camera bag. That night I did not choose my bag. So we all went to the lake.

About an hour later thunderstorms start popping up on the horizon, staying far away enough to be safe but putting out some amazing lightning. And there I am with no camera.

Now it's understood if you want to ride shotgun with me you ride with my bag in your lap. (My tripod actually fits in my trunk.)

EDIT: Here's another story along those lines, but with a happy ending. When I got home yesterday, I got out of my car and as I was walking to the house I heard something buzzing in the grass. I thought it was a big dragonfly. So I dropped my bag, switched out to my 70-300 and found the source of the noise.

It was the biggest hornet I've ever seen. Close to two inches long and it was killing a cicada. Got a couple shots before it took off (with the cicada). Nothing spectacular, but they were good enough to ID the hornet. Turns out it was (appropriatly enough) an Eastern cicada killer wasp. Pretty cool.
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