I carry a heavy, heavy load.

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by Lackoffunding, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Carry? Hasn't the tree grown right through and out of this one? ;)

    Well, actually there's not ONE thing I wouldn't like about this photo (apart from the fact that "car photography" as such is not my thing, but this is not your typical car photo, there just happens to be a car there, too, which is good!).

    I do like the lines and squares given by the multistorey in the background. One diagonal! Other than that: straightly horizontal - and that one vertical! Good inclusion of that one! The different horizontal lines of street, pavement, flower bed (well, that actually is the "tree bed" I assume).

    Opposed to all that geometry the total randomness (in shape) of the bar tree.
    And the car, which also features rounded corners. Round shapes (tyres). Stong colours (lights) where most other colours are quite subdued. But it also offers a repetition of lines (reflections in the windows).

    So I can't help it: I really like this one! Well spotted, well taken!

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