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    So I was rooting around in my dad's closet (my parents asked me to watch the house while they are away for my dad's b-day) and I found his old canon flash. I tried it out, and it didn't work, so I decided to check the batteries (duh). What I found was tons of battery acid all over the inside, and the contacts were all corroded and stuff, so I spent about 45 minutes on it with a wire brush and a file to get the thing to make contact. End result is a flash that works! it's awesome! I've been wanting to get one, and now that I've stolen my father's, I don't have to! Sorry about the long story, but I thought it was funny. Anyway, here is a picture I took with it. 30 second exposure, and I flashed the scene 3 times from different places in an attempt to get even light. Hope you all like it.



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