I got lost in a corn field. But came out with this!!


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Sep 19, 2010
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Title says it all haha!! Please comment and critique would be awesome!! Thanks a ton!
Thank you very much!! Criticism anybody?
Dead End. Carry on a bit further and take the next right.

Opps, I meant left....... no right!

Whoa... backup and turn around.......

Oh CRAP!!!!!!


Nice shot, I can relate to it.

Nice to see you got down a bit (unless you are very short) to make the corn look towering. My only criticism is that your focus was not on the corn in the foreground.
yea i like how you kneeled down. Kind of creepy, just waiting on the children to walk out. ha
Ya I was sitting on my ass actually, got tired eventually from walking. But wow, are cornfields ever scary - every time the wind blows it sounds like people rustling through them.
Corn fields get very hot when you get in the middle of the rows. Very cool pic I like it been lost in s corn field when I was a kid but we played in them all the time.
Cool shot. Looks a tad soft and maybe could use some levels adjustments ( hard to say for sure since I am on my laptop ).

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