I had to go to a PHOTOGRAPHER's today!


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Feb 1, 2004
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That's true!
I had to go to a studio and have someone take my photo. And pay for it!
The official, all ugly, all unsmiling, biometric passport photo! Ugh. Ugly-ugly-ugly! When I may not smile for the camera, I look horrible. Always angry and grumpy and all. I hate not being allowed to smile, and if only a little.
He's the only photographer for miles around. He's the one I once asked would he allow me to be his assistent for weddings or so, just for me to watch and learn. But he never called. Apparently he did not WANT me as assistent. Oh well.
That is why I actually did not WANT to go there have him take that photo, either, but what can I do? I don't have the lights nor backgrounds here to create that special requirements passport photo... Hmph...
Me... going to a photographer's...! :grumpy:

lights or equipment?????

if you go to walgreens, cvs ..they just pull down a white 3' x 5' screen as your background...and then shoot with a 3MP p & S.....i was carrying my 7mp p & s that time and wanted to lend it to her...:)
Plain and boring wallpaper is fine. I did my sisters one in her bedroom with my digital and we printed it off at home.

Can't you go into a town or supermarket and user a booth?
If it had been a normal photo for any kind of ID, I'd have taken it myself, here at home, testing how far off-ceiling flash and window light together would have taken me. But the requirements for the biometric photo are beyond me. I know too little about them, so I thought I'd go to the person who - as he is the only one around - should be quite familiar with what those photos have to look like and how they need to be framed. So ... I needed to get that ugly photo of me taken.

But no photo can be uglier than those taken in a "snap-booth"! :pale: My previous passport had such photo ... gave me PAIN any time I had to use that passport.
Not sure I know what a biometric passport photo is!

As someone said above, here in the states you can go to the drugstore and have a passport photo taken for $7. I used to work at Walgreen and had to to them all the time.
From a PDF-file I found via Google:

Checklist for biometric pictures:
1. Photo size 35 x 45​

2. The length from chin to crown of head (natural top of head) 32mm -36 mm​
Head position and facial expression​
3. Head should be positioned straight and directly facing the camera
4. Nose should be on the marked centerline
5. Photo must show full front view of the face
6. Facial expression must be neutral
7. Lips closed​
Eyes and line of sight​
8. Eyes should be within the marked area at the same level
9. Eyes must be open and clearly visible​
Image definition & contrast​
10. Photo should have high definition and proper contrast​
11. Photos must be taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows​
12. Photos must be taken against a plain, uniform, white or light coloured
Photo Quality​
13. Photo must reflecUrepresent natural skin tones
14. No cracks or impurities​
Wearers of glasses​
15. Glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are clearly visible
Maybe I should have studied the checklist and then tried to take selfs.
But ... ok... that way was faster. And the passport application is now out and I may hope to receive the passport in only 2 weeks time (was surprised it would be so fast, I remember them say it is 4 - 6 weeks before it arrives... ).

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