I have played poker for a number of years


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Sep 5, 2010
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Strip poker casino online - a modern version of a familiar gambling strip. However, in the virtual casino player "undressing", losing their bets, and his opponent in the game - a model of sexual beauty - removes a piece of clothing each time is the worst cards. This game takes place in a more intimate setting than the traditional. bingo sites

Perhaps it is devoid of the usual entertainment component, unlike the strip poker that is played in a big group of friends. Nevertheless, both types of games are on all the rules of traditional poker, you need to know that among the participants there is no dispute, if they play in the real world.

Let's look at what are the options in this game. The name "strip poker" speaks for itself, and therefore the rates in a real game are items of clothing and accessories. Less successful player in the end, remains completely naked. Variations of the game depend on the time that players want to spend it - part of the evening or overnight. Quick strip poker implies that the opening of each card provokes players except the winner, take a piece of clothing. Thus, the whole process does not take much time.

Longer will strip poker, if at the end of each round is determined by the player with the worst combination of cards on hand. If the players do not have to hurry to work the next morning, strip poker can be extended to the whole night. This game will have more closely resembled a real poker. Members receive the chips, and he who loses them all at some point, takes off a piece of clothing. It is clear that the sun appears on the horizon by the time someone will be naked. As you can see, the game of strip poker with friends is much different from the version of the game in online casinos.

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Virtual strip poker online casino player provokes monetary bets to beat the opponent seductive and see how it fully expose her body. This game totally different nature than the traditional strip poker. Play strip in the company of friends is not illegal. But gambling with sexual themes in public casinos are under strict control. For example, in Australia was officially forbidden to leave the gaming machine with strip poker.
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Not sure why your first post is about Poker LOL.. And this isnt really the right section.

But to answer your question you can raise the bet even if one person is all in. The person who is all in can only win however much he/she was in for. Any more money beyond the all in bet will go to a side pot.

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First post, not related to photography... This is pretty random. I guess he googled "beginner forum" and landed here... I think the search string should have been "beginner forum"+"poker"...

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