I need a camera bag


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Nov 3, 2007
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Preferable something that can hold my XT, a second film camera, and 2-3 lenses. Is that going to be a big bag? Hmmm. What are good places to buy bags online?
There are a lot of good bags out there made by companies like Crumpler, Lowepro, Tamrac, Kata to name a few. If you are in or near a large city I would suggest that you go to a photography store, (not a big box store) and check out bags. Bags can be very individual things for each photographer. There are many styles, configurations and features.

Take your basic gear with you, camera bodies, lenses and flash and try out the different bags with your main gear. It makes for an easier decision.

As for on-line places to order, I am a firm believer in B&H. Others have used Adorama as well with good experiences. I never have so I can't comment on them as a company.
Yeah, I gave a quick glance at the bags at Penn Camera the other day, I need to go back. It's always been my experience that online stores offer better prices so I just figured I'd ask here as well.

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